Accessible Gaming is a topic that Electronic Arts is passionate about.

With the release of the Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller, gaming is more accessible to people with disabilities. This new controller is able to be used in place of a standard controller, in combination with custom access switches.

To celebrate the recent advances in accessible gaming, Neil Squire Society‘s Makers Making Change partnered with Electronic Arts to host an accessible gaming competition. To see more about the Powered to Game event, watch the video below!

How Access Switches Are Used in Accessible Gaming

An access switch allows a person with limited mobility in their hands to access a device; a tablet, smartphone, computer, toy or other electronics such as video game consoles. Access switches come in all varieties, and the switch used depends on the capabilities of the individual.

Makers Making Change develops low cost access switches and other assistive devices for people with disabilities. These devices are designed and built for 90{039027a8d5ea1dbe724edad0fccf57f8ce2cb2ddf838a89881538f69f8f20e70} less than commercial devices, with the help of local maker volunteers. Makers Making Change also hosts a library of open source designs . Devices include many types of access switches such as the light touch switch, raindrop switch and round flexure switch. In addition to these devices, Makers Making Change’s internal engineering team is also in the process of developing several new switch designs which are currently in prototype phase. New designs include a breath switch and a proximity switch to name a few!

Using the LipSync for Accessible Gaming

The Makers Making Change team recently released a version of the LipSync that can be used for gaming. This device allows people with limited use of their hands the ability to play video games by manipulating this mouth-operated joystick with integrated sip and puff controls. The LipSync Gaming device is compatible with a computer or laptop for PC Gaming or the Xbox Adaptive Controller.


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