members of the Co-op Refinery Complex Emergency Response's Team (ERT) showing off the toys they have adapted

A simple set of instructions, toy parts, and teamwork is all it took to change the lives of some very deserving children.

Members of Co-op Refinery Complex‘s Emergency Response Team (ERT) in Regina, Saskatchewan have long stepped up to support their community. The group is committed to engaging in team-building activities that give back to people, places, and organizations right at home.

In July, the team geared up for one of its most innovative activities to date – building safe and accessible toys for children with disabilities through Makers Making Change.

members of the Co-op Refinery Complex Emergency Response's Team (ERT) switch adapting toys

Thanks to the team’s engagement and hard work, interactive toys, switches, and battery interrupters have been delivered to the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre. As part of those efforts, we would also like to extend a special thank you to Unifor 594 for keeping everyone ‘fuelled’ by sponsoring lunch for the three separate build dates.

“We are always looking for ways to have a positive impact on our community,” says Fire Chief Paul Flaman. “Together with Neil Squire, we’re proud to be involved with a project that promotes inclusivity and that allows children with disabilities to enjoy toys just like any other kid.”