Here’s a roundup of exciting devices that have been recently added to our Assistive Device library:

Single Row Playing Cards Holder

Green 3D printed device holding various playing cards

The Single Row Playing Cards Holder is an assistive device for holding playing cards. This fully 3D-printed device aims to assist those with limited hand dexterity by giving them an alternate means of holding their playing cards. Users can place their cards into the tabletop holder which will discreetly display their cards during gameplay.

Costing less than a dollar in filament, this device is intended to be used with standard sized playing cards. Larger cards can be used but will decrease the maximum number of cards that can be held. Approximately 20 cards can be placed in the holding slot to be displayed.

There is also a Multi Row Playing Cards Holder version available.

Attribution: Design by Shane Kartz licensed under Creative Commons (International License) Public Domain; Documentation by Neil Squire Society/Makers Making Change

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One-Handed Xbox One Controller Modification

A photo showing a black, 3D printed left-handed controller mod on a white Xbox One controller.

This inexpensive 3D printed modification for the Xbox One controller will allow for the user to operate their Xbox One controller with one hand. This controller adaptation makes it easier for someone who may have a difficult time holding a controller with both hands, or has greater dexterity with one hand than the other. This design is available in both a left-handed and right-handed version.

Attribution: Designed and Remixed from the Xbox Series X|S mod by: Akaki; Released under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license

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Round Touch 60 Switch

A hand activating a Touch Switch turning on a small while light.

The Round Touch 60 Switch can control 3.5mm audio outputs like in the Xbox Adaptive Controller and other switch adapted products. This device may help users with limited hand strength and dexterity who find it challenging to trigger mechanical switches.

To use this device, plug in the power supply and connect the mono cable to a switch-controlled device. Simply touch the top surface to engage the switch, indicated by a red LED.

Attribution: Design by Jeffrey Ebin; Documentation by Neil Squire Society/Makers Making Change

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Rocket Switch Interface

A picture of someone holding a Rocket Switch Interface.

The Rocket Switch Interface is a USB switch interface device which enables users to operate their computer or smartphone devices using assistive switches. Up to two assistive switches with 3.5 mm connections can be used. When a connected assistive switch is activated, a keystroke or mouse click will be generated depending on the operating mode. The Rocket Switch Interface can operate in three different modes, and has an adjustable reaction time.

Attribution: Designed by Makers Making Change (Designer: Milad Hajihassan; Contributor: Derrick Andrews)

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