This month we hosted Makers Making Change hosted our first workshops designed specifically for Disability Professionals.

Oct 9, we hosted a workshop for 10 OT’s at Lion’s Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, BC

Oct 23, we hosted a workshop for 20 participants at the Arthritis Society at their National office in Toronto Ontario.

Oct 31, we hosted a workshop for 40 Disability Professionals at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Ontario.

Ocupational therapists assemble 3d printed assistive devices in a wrkshop with makers making change

What Makes Makers Making Change Unique?

Makers Making Change is an online community network that connects volunteer makers with people with disabilities to create more affordable assistive devices. Devices in our Projects Library are open source, and often involve 3D printing which means devices can easily be printed, improved, customized to the user and 3D created at a very low cost. For example a nail clipper device that could cost $20 commercially, can be made with $1-2 of 3D printing filament. A mouth controlled sip and puff mouse device which could cost $1500 commercially, can cost $250 when 3D printed and assembled by volunteer makers (See the LipSync).

This new model of creating and distributing assistive technology is community driven, meaning Disability Professionals like OT’s and AT’s can get directly involved in innovating the ways we invent and deliver assistive technology by moving away from high priced commercial devices toward low cost community made devices. But we need your help to spread the word!

Workshop 1: Intro to Makers Making Change & Low Tech Device Assembly

0-20 mins Presentation Overview of Makers Making Change

20-40 mins  demo, walk through and sign up on mobile devices

40-90 mins Assembly of 3 devices: palm pen, key turner & ball pen

Not located in Canada?

  • Check out our Community Champion Outreach package to find out how to start a Makers Making Change Chapter in your region.
  • Are you a disability professional with a spare 5 minutes to help out right now?
    • We would love your feedback on devices we should add to our open source library. Fill out the Disability Needs Survey.
  • Review devices in our library:
    • Go to a project click I want this or search your area and message a maker with the skills the project requires. When you receive the project click “Fulfiilled”. Try out the device with clients then fill out a review to let us know what you think!