students at École Mgr-Martin show off the adapted toys they made

Nearing the end of the 2021/22 school year, students at École Mgr-Martin took part in Disability Awareness Week, an annual event in New Brunswick that highlights the need for accessibility. Students took part in various events like the Walk and Roll, guest speakers, and playing adaptive sports in gym class.

For 36 Grade 5 students at École Mgr-Martin, they also got the chance to make a change in their classroom and community, learning STEM skills while adapting toys that would go to their classmates with disabilities and community organizations.

On June 2nd, through Makers Making Change’s Youth Making Change initiative, the École Mgr-Martin fifth graders adapted a total of 18 toys.

Four of the toys went to their classmates, including two of them to Felix (pictured below).

Felix in a wheelchair playing with his new adapted toy

The student’s favourite toys were adapted to include buttons that they could more easily reach and push, allowing for the students to play independently. This also allowed for the students to have toys to play with both at home and at school.

The additional toys were donated locally.

A special thanks to our Northern New Brunswick Neil Squire staff: Louise, Serge, and Julie who facilitated this event in French, and to the students and staff at École Mgr-Martin for being so welcoming and amazing to work with. This was our second event with the school, and we can’t wait to see what we do next!

two girls working together on a device, with one holding a soldering iron

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