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Makey Makey For Therapeutic Exercise Info Session

November 2, 2020 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST


Are you looking for fun ways to engage your OT/PT/SLP clients?  Try the Makey Makey!

The Makey Makey device looks like an old school Nintendo Controller; it is a electronic invention device that works by opening and closing a circuit. Just attach any conductive object to the Makey Makey board with alligator clips. Now,  connect to the internet to trigger actions to another device! For example, through simple movements with your body, you can trigger sounds, or an action on a software program (see the awesome video below!)

Disability professionals can use the Makey Makey to motivate and engage their clients to participate in fun therapeutic exercises. The device can be used to help clients adopt switch use, and practice their fine motor control, strength and balance activities.

Read more about how it works in our recent blog

Once you’ve attended one of our intro sessions, you’ll be sent a link to enter the contest!

In your submission, just explain how you’d use the Makey Makey in your practice, and who you would use it with. Submissions due by midnight Nov 7 2020.

The top 10-15 entries  with the best ideas for use cases will win entry into the course.

The course works best when you have a client and specific use case in mind.  

Course date: Dec 3 5pm EST 2020.


Below, is an example of therapeutic use for the Makey Makey device.

Makers Making Change chapter leader Katie Butzu sits on a yoga ball and does a core exercise by moving her body weight side to side. on the floor on either side of the ball are pieces of tinfoil. The tinfoil have the Makey makey device attached by alligator clips attached to them to send to the computer. On the computer screen is an image of 2 bongo drums. as Katie shift her weigh right and left, each bongo drum lights up and makes a sound.

In the above GIF, Katie is using the yoga ball attached to a Makey Makey for a core stabilization exercise. As the ball touches each of the pieces of aluminum tape on the floor, the Makey Makey receives a trigger to set off a sound effect(look at the drum image on the computer screen).  This is just one example of the fun therapeutic exercises that are possible with the Makey Makey.

What Is Included in the Course?

Those who are selected to take the course will win a Makey Makey kit donated by JoyLabz as well as aluminum tape and an anti static bracelet from Makers Making Change. These supplies may come in handy for their projects. In the course Katie and Mark will give more in depth look at how to construct projects using the Makey Makey. They will also outline some best practices as well as commonly used materials for conductivity.  

Makey akey invention device- look slike a nintendo controller with alligator clips and wires coming out of each button and direction arrow A roll of aluminum tape

Working on Your Projects

After the course, participants will work on their individual projects in their own time. Participants get support from Katie, Mark and Colleen in the Makers Making Change Forum.  Participants accepted into the contest are requested to document their process in a step by step outline, so it can help people with disabilities in Canada, the US and all over the world.

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November 2, 2020
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST EST
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