Reply To: Request for Utensil Holder


Hi Frank,

Great questions!  Sorry for delay, it took me a while to circle back to student and staff working with him to get answers to your questions.  I attached a picture of what the student is currently using to give you a better of idea of what we’re looking for.  I made it, and it works about 50% of the time. 


Please let me know if you have additional questions since I wasn’t able to answer everything.

  1. Is the stylus perpendicular to the knuckles or parallel? perpendicular (see photo)

  2. Does the stylus have an adjustable length? It currently does not. The student uses it for their personal AAC device/iPad.  However, it might be nice to have something that could be used with different stylus’ (i.e. could swap out different length stylus’ for different needs).

  3. Will this be universal for all students or specific? Specific to this student (for now)

  4. Is there a device weight concern? The student currently uses flexible tubing called Andalus, which is very lightweight.  I would say weight is a concern to some degree, but what he uses now is almost too light.  Sometimes he doesn’t push hard enough to select an image on the iPad, so the stylus itself needs to be firm.

  5. Is there undue stress on the wrist/hand? I’m not sure what you mean by this.

  6. How long is the stylus?  The current stylus is approx 3.5″-4″

  7. What is the diameter of the stylus? 1/4″

  8. Is the stylus horizontal to the dorsal side of the hand or angled? horizontal 

  9. Should the stylus be adjustable by angle? I don’t think so

  10. Is the stylus centered? Not sure what you mean by this.

  11. What is the stylus for? Pointing or writing? Pointing or selecting images on an iPad

  12. What are the ease of use requirements for the stylus assembly? Student can have support swapping out stylus’

  13. How far does the stylus extend past the knuckle point? It depends how the student is holding it, maybe 2″