Reply To: Motorized swing for middle school kids


This is what I would do for the motor, it turns the motor into linear motion and would allow you to push and pull the swing. I would attach the motor to the top either a DIY or prefabricated swing structure and then attach the end of the assembly to a rigid pole which you could hang from the swing structure and then attach your chosen seat. I’m only a hobbyist so if someone who has real-world engineering experience wants to check my work that would be appreciated but from what I can tell it’ll need a 2.5-3 hp motor which will obviously need power and a speed controller. All the parts in the CAD file are from McMaster and I can send links but they’re probably cheaper elsewhere. I would also suggest tapping the motor shaft in order to screw in the eye bolt as well as adding some Loctite since that part needs to be able to handle all the torque without slipping