Feedback about: Adapted Head Pointer


![Paint Spinner Pic 2021-05-03 at 7.35.55 PM 2|418×412, 75%](upload://8dETQOWqfnS80d5cHnJe2nddXsy.jpeg) ![Marker hat pic 2021-05-03 at 7.38.55 PM|519×500, 50%](upload://9GtmHuK5AAYUxTe9V1TQzgKSRV3.jpeg) ![Paint pic 6|360×480, 75%](upload://buzCcC4yLqGKUGdq17DKtE7T9ef.png)

I have printed this head pointer several times for use with the same student during our OT sessions. Thank you for sharing this great accessibility file! It has been a wonderful resource for my student that allows access to writing and painting. I have made some simple tweaks to the design to make it work. Hopefully, these strategies can help others. I used wiki sticks throughout to stabilize the stylus and hat clamp. Then, I fastened a pencil to the utensil holder. The pencil is stabilized, and then used as an attachment for markers, pens, or a paintbrush. A hot glue gun was used to create an easy marker cap attachment to change colors for the marker or gel pen. As I continue to work with other professionals, we are noticing additional ways to develop this pointer. We are looking into a wingnut clamp system to stabilize a variety of utensil circumferences to the utensil holder. That same wingnut clamp should work to stabilize the clamp to the hat. Holes would need to be drilled on both sides of the utensil holder and clamp. A different modification that might help with smooth writing control might be some kind of joint system that allows the angle of the pen to change.

Again, please know how much my 5 year old student and I appreciate this head pointer. It has been a game changer for school and leisure participation. My student asks to paint with his head pointer every opportunity he has. He asked for one to keep at home, which I happily supplied.