Feedback about: Battery Interrupter for Switch Adapting


Dale Grover, the inventor, is a gifted electrical engineer with a background in AT communication devices. I saw a prototype Switch Modifier before the pandemic but only recently saw the other items in development. He designed a compact solid state switch modifier using a custom circuit board and code. Initially it had a 3D printed case but Dale is currently working on injection molded cases so the device can be economically produced at scale. The result is a product that has the features of the [MMC Switch Modifier ]( a lower component cost, quicker production and smaller form factor.

I honestly don’t know Dale’s plans for distribution but his goal is to help as many people as possible by making the items low cost and user friendly. It would probably be best if you or someone else from MMC talked to him directly. He is looking for some people to test the products and provide feedback. If you let me know who would be the best contact I will work on arranging an introduction.