Feedback about: C-Clamp Threaded Adapter


We’ve had a few reports of these failing after being used for a while. To some degree, this is expected from a 3D printed part, but there is almost certainly an opportunity to optimize the design.

![c-clamp_fail1|281×500, 50%](upload://z3ew559JMfLc78u6uXBasm5EqDC.jpeg)

![c-clamp_fail2|499×500, 50%](upload://q7Mz6W8OOJ7o2xsr45eRjyXj7xC.jpeg)

![c-clamp_fail3|375×500, 50%](upload://tpjVgxRkHKcsiHtd6NacMgvdT5W.jpeg)

The print file and original Fusion 360 design file are available on Thingiverse:

It would be great to have a maker look at how we can optimize the design and/or print setting to increase the durability of this part.