Feedback about: Cost-effective Assistive Technology Mounting Solutions



Yes, this project is an ongoing challenge and need. The two linked threads above are two approaches that we’ve been working on, but they are not yet comprehensive and robust solutions. There is an opportunity to refine and build upon either of those, or work on a novel approach.

The ‘Mini Mounting Kit’ is meant to provide a low cost option for mounting the LipSync, but also be a general purpose system for mounting switches, phones, and other relatively lightweight assistive technology. The longer term intention is to have a larger kit of components that you can put together in different ways depending on the situation (kind of like Lego).

From my perspective, there are a couple of components that would be really useful to develop:

1. A latching pivot/swivel mechanism. Positions the AT securely / repeatably for the user, but is able to swing out of the way when the AT isn’t in use or the user needs to transfer, etc. (Similar to this commercially available component:

2. An improved adjustable locking pivot joint. Need a design that enables a caregiver to easily adjust the position of a joint and lock it securely in place without requiring excessive hand strength. The current pivot joint in the Mini Mounting Kit resists axial and rotation movement of the links well, but does not resist motion between the two pivot portions without really torquing the knobs.