Feedback about: Covid-Related Design Competitions


COVID-19 Detect and Protect

“As COVID-19 has shown, challenge and crisis cross borders – impacting everywhere on Earth. However, innovation and ingenuity are not constrained by geography. The COVID-19 Detect and Protect Challenge is an opportunity to find and apply the best and brightest of humanity, wherever it may be found.

A panel of judges will review and select the top 10 open source solutions on a rolling basis through 2020. Winners will receive global recognition and variety of awards for their contribution to society and humankind. Using the UNDP’s vast global network and resources from all supporting partners, we’ll work with the winning creators on the best way to transfer the knowledge to those who need it most.

This challenge has three priority actions:
1. Design replicable, low-cost tools to aid in coronavirus detection.
2. Flatten the curve in communities with preventive solutions.
3. Reduce the disease’s impact on economies of these vulnerable areas.”