Feedback about: Interact Switch


Maker Feeback from @leungkam on a recent build:

So I delivered the 2 switches and here are a few things that maybe some future makers could consider when making it.

* The switch that was proposed on BOM is small and fits nicely in the STL file provided. However, keep in mind that this specific switch usually has a very long lead time (in my case there was a back order + a usual lead time of 28 weeks).
* There is [another switch]( that can be obtained fairly quickly but the latter would add a slight overall height/ thickness of the switch. If a maker were to use it, the maker would have to ensure that during 3D printed part would have a slight added height and depth in the 2 components that are printed.
* Regarding the 3 legged part under the cap, it dictates how sturdy/loose the click is. You can check if the requested item needs to be more sturdy (seen as the orange button in my video) or looser (seen with the green button). Gluing one of the legs when putting them under the cap will help with that.