Feedback about: Laser Cut Keyguards


Jamie Crum from CTEC California has the following workflow to get a keyguard designed to prep for laser cutting, based on his experience in helping us build a repository of solutions:

We pretty much abandoned to the whole trying to make a bank of templates to work from. It’s so fast to do in Google Draw. By the time you try to find the correct template and make adjustments you can have it designed and cutting. lol

Also I’ve had the opportunity to coach my staff remotely by collaborate with them in Google draw while Building their keyguards at the same time. So cool!

I have made a couple of keyguards remotely but what I do is have someone on a zoom meeting with device and a ruler in hand. I walk them through how to position the camera while while on the zoom meeting I just grab screenshots of their device and pageset.

Then I let them watch me draw the holes or rectangles on top of their device. Our clients seem to enjoy the process of watching it be designed. I know it’s not really scalable, but it’s pretty efficient. Because we can bill for our time if it’s client-facing it really works for our billing model and reduces the number of redos.

Here’s the PPT instructions my team uses…

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