Feedback about: Light Touch Switch


One of the pain points on this switch design has been the hinge pin. The spring pins are great but can be hard to source, pen ink chambers are convenient and available in small quantities but can be messy.

We experimented with 3D printed pins in the past but they can be tricky to print and you need to be conscious of print orientation for strength. Here is a new attempt based on some updated techniques:

[LTS_Pin_v0.1.stl|attachment](upload://1s1T9Ze2wY1GFGNK53DYGsmbWFC.stl) (5.9 KB) [LTS_Pin_v0.1.f3d|attachment](upload://AqJpOflDjATw6IaiAovaWGz3oQv.f3d) (147.6 KB)

The pins are printed on the side for strength and connected together to improve printability.

![3DP_Pin_1|500×500, 50%](upload://b2SHTzKqmwZDWpyilGYgVpvFrfL.jpeg)

![3DP_Pin_2|500×500, 50%](upload://y88PTFzSwPtGEH6z2PYzPpfgVYA.jpeg)
The two pins are slightly different sizes to accommodate for printing tolerances.

![3DP_Pin_3|500×500, 50%](upload://44uYrMUUO6LtPS80KdFDlG0XbJv.jpeg)
Once the pin is inserted the switch can be tested. If the switch needs to be adjusted, it’s easy to hold and remove the pin.

![3DP_Pin_4|500×500, 50%](upload://92gqTvYfxAbjTlcYSFdRK9lXHCG.jpeg)
Once the switch is functioning correctly, side cutters can be used to cut the pin flush.

![3DP_Pin_5|500×500, 50%](upload://foINVEmoFXFZ48Vo6XP6T2o6hRx.jpeg)

Et voila.
![3DP_Pin_6|500×500, 50%](upload://6ALvJczVxTeXB0RyfYdkdIszcBF.jpeg)

Feel free to give this design a test and let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements or other ideas.