Feedback about: Light Touch Switch


Some feedback from a user:

“The Makers Making Change Gray [Light Touch Switch] is about 5 cm in length and only requires 1 mm of movement to activate it. It is about the same width, height, and length as a 4.5 cm Micro Light switch or traditional Ultra Light switch, as shown in Figure 6. A Micro Light switch requires about 3 mm of
movement for activation.


Its tapered edge is useful and ergonomic as an individual can lay a finger on top of the switch or place
the switch between two fingers. It is easily mounted on flat surfaces using Velcro.

[The MMC Light Touch switch] requires more force than a comparable Micro Light switch, though the amount of force required varies according to position where force is applied. More force is required closer to the hinge of the switch and less force is required at the bottom. The switch seems durable and sturdy and would likely withstand excessive force to resist damage.

It has nice aesthetic features with a smooth, rounded surface. It may be worth considering rounding the bottom edge as well so an individual may hold the device between two fingers (as shown in Figure 7) without risk of pressure injury.


The hinge on an Ultra Light switch is located on the same side as the wire output as shown in Figure 6.
On the Makers Making Change [Light Touch Switch], however, the cord position is reversed on and is
placed on the opposite side of the hinge. Both placements are useful. It would be worth exploring
placing the wire on a different design on the same side as the hinge. This would allow fitting the switch
between smaller joints as shown in Figure 8.