Feedback about: LipSync Wireless


The ‘RNBT-590A’ is the default ID of the Bluetooth module. (I.e. RN – manufacturer, BT- Bluetooth, 590A is the last 4 characters of the MAC id). This indicates that the Bluetooth module has not been properly configured by the LipSync. When it’s properly configured, it will appear as ‘LipSync Mouse’ in the list of Bluetooth devices (and typically as a hybrid keyboard / mouse) I would recommend trying the dual-flashing procedure again. Make sure to wait a bit after flashing the first time to allow the LipSync to run through it’s routine.

I like the little web app you created – could be a helpful tool for checking a LipSync post-build.

We have been doing some initial testing very recently on an app that @MMC_Milad has developed that provides more of a user-accessible serial interface for configuring, troubleshooting, etc. You’re right that the Arduino IDE isn’t very consumer friendly. The changes to the firmware should make it easier.