Feedback about: LipSync Wireless


HI all, a couple people are having issues with “configing” the Bluetooth. @emaker @loretodalt @ConnorM @PetersonIl. Here are some additional tips:

1. @SRv [steps above]( are really good! Between Step 9 and Step 10, give the device a solid 30+ seconds. What I have learned is, during that time, it is configuring the bluetooth module. If that gets half done, and then you flash again, you are left with something that just wont work.
2. In fixing one of mine where I was not “patient” enough between flashes, I had to really “wipe-out” the Arduino Micro to get rid of any artifacts. Press the reset button and @MMC_Milad provided me with the following [EEPROM_CLEAR code]( to flush away my mess. Doing that, then the guide with @SRv tips above, got me online.
3. There is a [Start Up Guide specifically for the Wireless version]( We need to add the programming tip from Stewart, but let us know if there are other things you would like to see improved for our next update and release.