Feedback about: LipSync Wireless



My name is Elizabeth, personal caregiver, and I am replying with feedback on behalf of my client.

My client has advanced relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Currently he is wheelchair-bound, has no use of his legs or left arm, limited use of his right arm, but full neck mobility. His speech is declining, and the primary intent behind use of the LipSync for him was to control his wheelchair-mounted tablet computer and speech app.

The LipSync itself was very easy to set up and responsive for him. It was more intuitive and easy to use than some other hands-free computer systems that he had tried, and he was pleased that the replacement cost was low in case of anything happening to it. (He lives in a nursing facility and has unfortunately had assistive equipment broken by staff in the process of personal care, which the facility operators generally do not pay to replace.)

However, one major obstacle to functionality has been the issue of mounting. The Neil Squire Foundation informed us that they are working on wheelchair mounting solutions for the LipSync, but what they had to offer initially was too heavy and unwieldy to mount to his chair for longer than short periods of practice. He was eventually able to purchase a lighter, flexible mount for himself, but the wheelchair technician mounted it out of his reach and was not able to come back and correct the problem quickly. Most recently the LipSync mounting placement was fixed, but then the mount broke off of his chair :frowning:

Given all of these obstacles, even with the assistance of a personal caregiver, he has not been able to maximize his use of the LipSync, or even to really meet his goals thus far with the device.