Feedback about: LipSync Wireless


We had a great build event with chapter leaders last night. Some of them had difficulty programming the LipSync Wireless. Here’s a draft process that should help resolve the issue:

# Programming non-responsive LipSync Wireless boards

Use this process if your LipSync Wireless isn’t visible in your Bluetooth device menu. If possible, reprogram your LipSync Wireless with the case removed, or at least while able to see inside the unit from the screw mounting. There is a blue flashing status LED that tells you if the process has worked or not.

## Cause

The Bluetooth board inside the LipSync Wireless needs to be programmed before it will act as a mouse. Sometimes these boards are shipped to you without being programmed. If your Bluetooth board was still in the sealed *SparkFun Bluetooth Mate* antistatic bag, then it has not been programmed. The LipSync Wireless code contains the programming routine, but it is not normally enabled.

## Source

This has been modified from Part 8A of the [LipSync Manual]( combined with internal guidance from Makers Making Change engineer Milad Hajihassan. The process has been updated to follow small UI changes in the Arduino 1.8.13 IDE.

## Process

You will need to upload the firmware twice: the first time will program the Bluetooth board; the second time will install the correct LipSync Wireless firmware. Modifying one line of code is required.

1. Download and install the latest version of Arduino IDE:

2. Download and save the latest [LipSync Wireless microcontroller code]( . Right-click on the hyperlink of the microcontroller code and select “Save Target/Link As”

3. Open the Arduino IDE and click on Tools → Board → Arduino AVR Boards → Arduino Micro

4. Connect the LipSync to the PC using the USB cable and allow the LipSync a few seconds to initialize

5. Click on Tools → Port → COM?? (Arduino Micro): the port name may have different numbers or name, but the IDE should have recognized it as an Arduino Micro

6. Open the `LipSync_Wireless_Firmware.ino` you recently downloaded with the Arduino IDE. It may prompt you to accept moving it into a sketch folder, which you should accept

7. In the firmware code, find the line that starts `#define BT_CONFIG_FLAG false` (at time of writing, [line 52]( and change it to `#define BT_CONFIG_FLAG true`

8. Save the firmware via File → Save

9. Click the right arrow at the top left of the Arduino IDE to upload the microcontroller code to the LipSync Wireless device. After a few seconds, the blue LED on the Bluetooth module will start to blink quickly. If you have your Bluetooth host device connection display open, you should see a device called *LipsyncMouse*

10. Modify the firmware code line to read `#define BT_CONFIG_FLAG false` again

11. Save the firmware again via File → Save

12. Upload the microcontroller code to the LipSync Wireless device again by clicking the right arrow at the top left of the Arduino IDE

13. Once the upload is complete, a message saying “Upload Successful” will show at the bottom left of the Arduino IDE

14. Perform Joystick Calibration as described in the [LipSync Manual](, Part 8B.