Feedback about: LipSync Wireless


Hey @alice sorry you are still having troubles.

The current version of the Wireless Firmware (v1.0) can be used both for USB mode and Wireless mode. When the device is powered on, it looks at whether the shunt connector is installed (J13) to select between the two modes. It sounds like the jumper may still be installed since you are able to use the LipSync as a USB mouse.

The jumper is installed in Part 1, Step 12. It is removed if making the wireless version in Part 2, Step 10.

Shunt Connector On: USB Mode

Shunt Connector Off: Bluetooth Mode

When a Wireless LipSync is powered (and the shunt connector is removed), it should automatically broadcast the “LipSyncMouse” id over Bluetooth. The red led on the top of the Bluetooth module will slowly flash red. When it pairs, the flashing red light will stop and the green connect LED will light up and remain on.

We’re planning a number of improvements to the LipSync. Removing the need to upload the firmware twice has already been looked at, and making it easier to switch between USB and wireless is on the list.

Let us know if this resolves your issues.