Feedback about: LipSync Wireless


Hi all! Ha! Mine fell off and I didn’t even notice it. Thankfully I found the little piece. When connecting. Using MacOS, I was able to connect but the connection kept closing (see image)
![Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 5.42.41 PM|690×464, 50%](upload://y0ouhadzk3AThr5aqzCfTjf9xtM.jpeg)

The device didn’t show up on my iOS bluetooth at all. (I followed the double flashing instructions as well) Not sure if anyone has some leads on why?

On another note, I think my soldering skills may have gone awry. When just trying to use the lipsync as a usb device I can puff but sip is inconsistent. Also my mouse tends to drift to the lower left once activated. Not sure if that’s a soldering issue or something more mechanical? If anyone has some ideas that would be great before I take it all apart.

In any case, while trying to troubleshoot, I started making myself a little [web app]( that distinctly shows the mouse movements and whether a right or left click was detected. I was hoping to add button press event notifications, and such since it might be easier than figuring out what the LED blink colors mean. The serial messages are super helpful which led me into using the [Web Serial API]( to display and add more granular messages to help me. I am able to connect to the port but get an async error message when trying to open communication. This is beyond my scope of knowledge at this point but I think it would be super helpful on the consumer side to have some insight into what is happening without using the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE.

In any case, guidance would be most appreciated!