Feedback about: Marketing the Maker community to therapists


What is your “Call to Action” to the professionals? Is there a way you can break it down to a form that they can fill out to fulfill a need. Finding a way into their workflow might be the key. Maybe refocus the sell away from what a Maker **is** and more to what a Maker can **do for them**. “This is what we do, this is how you can get it done, now do it!”. Defining Makers in a way to be understood by people who have never experienced Makers takes lots of time and they don’t really understand much more. If there was a way to sell them on a Maker caricature without throwing a ton of details at them, it could work well. Save all of the details on how we do it until they are more prepared (by seeing what we do) until they ask, or just a later meeting.

A little story to illustrate this: I went to my sister’s house to fix her 3 year old son’s tablet. Factory reset to let him start his game pile over again. He asked her how I can make the tablet better, and she told him I was a wizard and that I know the spells to make it happen. She did not want to try to explain how I was going to do it (though he watched while I did it), and instead created a character that he was able to accept quickly and wanted to learn the secrets of. In the years since, he has shown me some things he has figured out how to do on the tablet. He’s gonna be a wizard too.

I am not equating adults to 3 year olds, but just like a mother answering the questions of a 3 year old, your time to express things to the therapists is limited, so selecting a shared vocabulary over educating them to a new vocabulary could be a better use of this time. Use this shared vocabulary to express Makers as they relate directly to their needs.