Feedback about: Marketing the Maker community to therapists


Hey all,

I am an OT and new Chapter leader in Phoenix. I also happen to work a private day school specifically for students with special needs. We have students with a broad range of abilities and diagnosis. I got into the AT Maker game a few years back out of necessity and was pumped when it started to take off. I would suggest located your states AT (Assistive Tech) program and starting there. I presented over the summer on the benefits of AT Making and the use of high school STEM teams. I also feel as an OT that we are a perfect disability pro to target as we are trained to adapt (hack) and DIY (Make) items in school based on a persons needs. I will be reaching out to local OT programs, both OT and COTA, to help spread the word. Also most school districts have AT teams that specialize in the use of AT within that school. Feel free to email me if you have any questions [email protected].