Feedback about: Memory Loss Music Player


@brentcourson, glad to see that you are interested! I have 20+ Standard Model cases to give away. If you can make use of some, just let me know and I’ll send.

From what you wrote, it sounds like you are very familiar with laser cutting and 3D printing, in addition to woodworking. For other people that might read this post, I just want to say a few standard things about laser cutting & 3D printing of cases:

– As you noted, laser cutting is efficient. Takes me 11 minutes per case. If your community has Glowforges or similar, that could be interesting.
– Sanding and wood finishing take longer than laser cutting, so opportunity for community involvement.
– There is a 3D printable version of the Standard Model. A good way to involve those in the community that have access to 3D printers.

I haven’t tried traditional woodworking for this. In part because I don’t have the skills. I’m always impressed by people that do have the skills. I watched the router template video – that was quite fun. I just spent some time thinking about woodworking and wrote the notes below. The notes sound a little discouraging, but it’s really just the software engineer in me worrying about details.

– All of the existing laser cut designs assume laser accuracy & precision for certain parts. 0.02mm precision for the interference fit clasps on some models. 0.05mm precision for how the knobs attach the D-shaped (not round) shafts of the rotary encoders on all models. 0.05mm for the friction fit of the LED. The living hinge (for bends) has its own kind of balanced precision. There are more, too long to list here, but happy to discuss. There’s also the engraving of the labels. As you suggested, some redesign will be needed for a non-laser approach.

– There is a [deprecated box-style case]( that would need less redesign. No living hinges. The only curves are for the knobs. Still have the issue of how the knobs attach to the rotary encoders, the friction fit of the lid, and the engraving of labels. Note that the box model is deprecated, so the linked build instructions are out of date. But it’s the same components and software as the current models.

If you can make this with routers or scroll saws or CNC or home tools, that would be pretty interesting. Happy to discuss.