Feedback about: Memory Loss Music Player


@rosswesleyporter , your case design is ingenious and looks great. I understand why you developed the design and chose laser cutting. Thanks for the willingness to share cases.

A friend is looking for some projects that school age children can work on with parental help. The parents are tech savvy and one of the Dad’s is a cabinetmaker. The laser cut cases could be perfect for this group. I will contact my friend and see if she is interested.

I am not an expert on 3D printing or laser cutting but I am fortunate to work with many people who have these skills. Our local makerspace which is an incredibly supportive partner has two 50 watt Epilog Lasers. Many of our current volunteers are talented makers with engineering degrees.

My reason for asking about alternate production methods is motivated by a desire to create meaningful volunteer opportunities for people who are good at making things with their hands but may not be comfortable with computers. There may be better projects for incorporating this type of volunteer. I can recognize multiple benefits of sticking with laser cut cases.

The ‘magno’ wooden radio is an example of a commercially produced case that can be made with very few tools (table saw, drill press and sander). This is an article with some photos and this is a video

I will talk to some people and get back to you.