Feedback about: Memory Loss Music Player


One of the things about the Memory Loss Music Player that I thought could use a revisit is the music player board itself. The Raspberry Pi will play anything (thanks to Ross’s carefully-crafted SD card image) and it interfaces well to rotary encoder knobs, but is fairly expensive and can be a little fragile.

I’ve been looking at music player boards on and off for the last couple of years, and I’ve found one that comes close: the [YourCee Wireless Bluetooth MP3 Decoder Board XY-BT-L](
![small red MP3/Bluetooth decoder circuit board with attached USB storage](upload://rfEsRE80ex6IUwirlnzBgiCrQ3R.jpeg)
It’s more of a switch-adaptable device than one that would easily replace the Raspberry Pi, but it’s $2 and plays the same USB device full of music folders that the Memory Loss Music Player likes. There are hundreds of variants of these kind of boards out there, and I’m amazed at what this can do for so little money.