Feedback about: Memory Loss Music Player


@rosswesleyporter , have you considered building a version of the case using woodworking tools? I think I could get volunteers to build the cases and others to instal the electrical components. Normally I like efficiency but while building local support for AT I am trying to maximize the community involvement.

These are some possible ways of making cases:

* Router Templates – Template routing would be fast. I came across this technique used in car audio fabrication which may work for the music player and other MMC products. This video shows the process: We could CNC or laser cut templates that could be distributed to volunteers.
* Scroll saws – We have a local group,, that makes items for children’s hospitals using scroll saws. I know that scroll saws are popular with local seniors.
* CNC – With hobby CNC machines becoming more popular this could be a good way to use these smaller machines. Maybe we could provide plans for the Shaper Origin and other CNCs so new owners can make memory loss music player cases while learning to use their new machines. Local maker spaces and college shops could potentially cut out cases while teaching new users how to operate CNC machines.
* Typical home woodworking tools – The Plus mode bamboo design on your website,, could be modified slightly so it could be built easily using common DIY and hobby tools.