Feedback about: MMC60 Round Flexure Switch – 60 mm


Hi @MMC_Jake, it’s a stock Ender 3 (other than yellow springs).

What kind of loading are you concerned with ? It appeared to me that it was just to hold the switch in place and there isn’t really any force across the layer lines but maybe I missed something. STL is attached. Save you redrawing.

Another option would be to use 2.85mm PLA. You’d have to widen the hole on the jack mount and the assembler would need to do some slight sanding on the end that goes in to the switch (I think they are 2.6mm diameter) but would be a lot faster to produce and include. Just snip off a couple of lengths. No loading issues either.

Another[jack pin.stl|attachment](upload://8P5VA8W6pgLAFRGpy7XTXCyAufR.stl) (98.1 KB)