Feedback about: MMC60 Round Flexure Switch – 60 mm


Here’s our current list of possible / probable design changes. We’ll revise/review/prioritize once we get some more user feedback. If there is a Maker keen on taking on some of these changes, please let us know by responding below.

1. Optimize the design of the flexure to improve durability (it may start to deform after ~10K activations, requiring greater travel to activate the switch).

2. Add additional support/screw/etc to prevent switch holder and jack from moving / rotating.

3. The screw bosses that support the switch holder should be reinforced (i.e. with webs) so they are less likely to shear off.

4. Adjust screw hole sizing in base. Prints in PLA by outside printers were a little too tight, requiring bigger screwdrivers and more torque.

5. Find a better method of mounting switch rather than somewhat challenging to source wooden dowel.

6. Redesign button top to minimize or remove the need for support material or make it easier to remove.

7. Add a design element to the button top to prevent the nut from falling out.

8. Consider metric hardware, or a metric version, as the imperial 1/4″-20 UNC may be hard to source outside North America.

9. Investigate whether there is an easier to source option for the #4 screws.

10. Investigate ways to reduce the overall height.

11. Investigate ways to center the mounting nut. (Could be separate mounting adapter, for example.)

12. Redesign the button top to reduce the gap between button top and base.