Feedback about: MMC60 Round Flexure Switch – 60 mm


In case you missed the [post]( on social media, we made a festive version of the Round Flexure Switch for Halloween.

Since the top is threaded on, it’s easy to print a different top and swap it out. In this case, we printed an entire switch in orange filament, and added a custom two-color top. (We used two models and a manual filament change – I’ll create instructions detailing how that can be done.)

Different colored tops can be useful for adapted gaming as well. We have used them to match the colors of the X/Y/A/B buttons on a standard Xbox Controller when used with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

One challenge is that it is hard to control the rotational orientation of the top relative the base. You can get around this a little bit by changing how the nut is oriented in the top (there are three options).

As @SRv mentioned above, the nut can fall out and possibly get lost when swapping the top. There is also a chance a user may inadvertently cause the top to unscrew through normal use (or purposefully try to do so.)

This leads to several possible improvements to the top:
– alter the design so a differently sized / colored / textured top can be swapped easily, but will remain securely in place during use
– reduce the likelihood of the nut falling out and getting lost
– enable a user to adjust the rotation of the swappable top relative to the base
– alter the design so the top portion could have a different shape or texture (currently it needs to be essentially flat since that surface is in contact with the print bed), ideally without requiring lots of support material