Feedback about: Mounting Solutions for AT


To help clarify, the mounting system @Hannah was referring to can be found here:

That system is currently based around PVC tubing / pipe that is commonly used for plumbing and irrigation and that is usually available at local hardware stores. There is similar commercially available piping made of ABS plastic. You can usually tell them apart by color: PVC is usually white, while ABS is usually black. PVC was initially chosen since there are typically a wider range of fittings and it is available in smaller diameters, but it may be worth testing ABS as well.

Regardless of the material, there is an opportunity for 3D printed adapters to expand the functionality of the commercially available parts.

At head office we sort of alternate between PLA and ABS

We are starting to use more PETG filament as well. We have received feedback that a lot of places aren’t able or aren’t allowed to print with ABS (due to printer limitations / smell / material safety concerns). PETG doesn’t have the same potential to warp as ABS, while having desirable properties in strength and flexibility.