Feedback about: PAMS LipSync Desk Mount


Thanks for your post, Jake!

Often just a little bit of adjustment is needed to get the LipSync into a good position for use. Here we use three sections of an adjustable piping called Loc-Line, a type of modular hose used for a variety of lliquids. Because it is intended to be used with more common PVC water pipe/hose, it will connect directly to the LipSync — similar to Jake’s design!


Pixie is a 505access open-source design for a 1/2 inch [modular hose]( mount for the hands-free pointing device, [LipSync]( [Here] we use two NPT Connector for 1/2 inch Loc-Line Modular Hose (black), one 1/2 inch double socket (orange), 1/2 inch threaded socket to 1/2 inch slip socket (white) and a 1/2 inch PVC pipe (white with writing)*.

Pixie designs include:

NOTE THAT the Original Pixie and Pixie’s-Half-sister use portions of dual-suction cup lifters. These are recommended only for smooth (glass-like) surfaces. For other surfaces, C-clamps in Jake’s design or steel spring-clamps in Clip-on-Pixie are recommended.

The Original Pixie uses twelve 1/2 inch modular hose segments. We found this to be aesthetically pleasing however TOO EXPENSIVE and TOO FLEXIBLE for actual use! Thus changes were made to make the design more stable — which turns out to be less expensive!

* We found that the three modular sections listed (two NPT Connector for 1/2 inch Loc-Line Modular Hose and one 1/2 inch double socket) provide enough adjustments for most purposes. (2x$1.79 + $2.19 = $5.77)