Feedback about: Request for Lap Tray


Prototype V2 is complete and delivered to the aide. Made from 3/16″ hardboard. Nice and light. Considered (and may yet go to) plywood. Concern there is the weight. The front section is unsupported so needs to be as light as possible so the lever effect is minimized. Acrylic would be good but that stuff is really expensive. Don’t know what it’s like now but in the early days of the pandemic you couldn’t get it anywhere. Everyone and their brother needed sneeze guards.

Decided to go with buckle straps ( instead of Velcro as I felt they could be cinched down tighter. The client also indicated this would be nice as Velcro tends to snag on clothing. $2/ea

3d printed trim pieces for the cup holder and the strap slots.

Couldn’t find suitable edging so designed and 3d printed f-channel. Had the added benefit of not cutting into the tray real estate. Photo only shows corner piece as I wanted clients approval on height, colour, etc. before completing.

To reinforce the thin neck on the joystick side and to provide support on the tray I affixed some metal U-channel on the underside ($6 for 48″). They’ll test tomorrow but I think it will work well. May need to duplicate on the other side which will require a redesign on the cup holder.

I may CNC the final design. We’ll see what the feedback is. Trim pieces hide a lot of sins. :grinning:

![20201125_201302|500×500](upload://lsssLlf6g1RdfmzBoWKQCcif1Jt.jpeg) ![20201125_201324|500×500](upload://6vmWOMJjUcry5QX0BpYFDcnfI9u.jpeg)

Aide thought the client will be super happy it’s this far along.