Feedback about: Request for Lap Tray


Thanks @brentcourson, @ConnorM That is a FANTASTIC idea! Client has now decided she’d like it out of acrylic as the wheelchair will be in motion, with tray attached, more than anticipated and she needs to be able to see where her feet are. Otherwise would be doing that for sure. I still need to do a final prototype or two. Acrylic isn’t cheap and want to make sure we have everything dialed in before lasering.

Learning lots about things that need to be considered when building these. For instance, the cushions on the chair are almost $400 so important that the tray edges don’t go anywhere near for risk of wearing on them. Same with the armrests, need to keep the straps from contacting.

I had thought about building a frame with a clear, thinner acrylic surface to reduce cost and weight. Have it sit on top of and bracket either side of the armrest but risk of wear is high and I have to be super careful that nothing touches the client either as she has no sensation below the chest.