Feedback about: Request for Lap Tray


Almost at the end of the runway on this project. Got the cardboard prototype laser cut using the dxf file that will be used for the final acrylic version once test fit.

Could use some ideas for the cushioning. I need to find something to protect the torso on the inner edge of the tray (see picture). What’s on there now is 3/4″ foam backer road with a slit cut in. This might work (dropping off at aides place today) but I have a suspicion it’s going to interfere with the armrests. Ideally I’d like to adhere just to the inner edge (1/4″) with maybe a small lip over the top.

There are u shaped foam edge protectors but none that I’ve found are thick enough. She needs about 1/2″ padding.

Any ideas or solutions that have worked in the past ?