Feedback about: Request for Laser Cut Keyguards -ON HOLD


@hmichelini @Hannah
Dear Both,

I have designed a prototype for Accent800 (28 Grid Key Guard).
**Please find attached .STL file,** you can print it and check if it fits fine on the device. Kindly share the pics for my reference so that i can give you an improved design sooner.

[28Grid key guide.stl|attachment](upload://2ASblcSVWF8LduX6bzbQw1KKiYD.stl) (30.0 KB) ![28Grid%20key%20guide_Model|690×402,50%](upload://1gXrbnrxXP64ZCHPv3B9VrsT7Dc.jpeg)
Warn Regards,
Gurbaksh Singh (Techie Baksh)