Feedback about: Shoulder rest for chargeable phone


This is a pretty old request, but in case Zosia is still waiting for a solution or someone else is looking for it, here’s a first attempt at modeling what I’m seeing in the image.
![MMC Forum Phone Shoulder Rest v1|690×387, 75%](upload://yHG6GrQMblwRZ3gOhBs1Px1uquQ.png)
[Public link to Fusion 360 online part viewer](
I’m uploading to thingiverse as well ([Thingiverse Link]( so you can download the f3d file and the stl file as well. Feel free to modify as needed and let me know if anyone tries it out and changes are needed.

**I would recommend printing it with it lying on it’s side as that will give the curved portion the most strength when pressed with your shoulder**