Feedback about: Smartphone Mechanical Back Tap adapter


**Hi Milad,**

I know it’s not a perfect design, but just out of my curiosity and interest in 3D modelling i tried to make this in reference with iphone8.

Here are few of the design pics:

![bottom|459×500, 75%](upload://Asix6Kj9aHXOVdEcMkfUorlwzea.jpeg) ![side|623×310, 75%](upload://o7mSdzTaLz4SwNLN5K0X2e1icvv.jpeg) ![side1|572×384, 75%](upload://txFXUZwifYw0BZonl3NUhxVFcB3.jpeg) ![side2|526×462, 75%](upload://3pwr1jQH1jTh9K2yY1zm8JziCdV.jpeg) ![side3|447×448, 75%](upload://50vMZa4NdszpqX5mPqRIG2N91Rf.jpeg) ![top|364×500, 100%](upload://5qmyr3wz8SA2Z0ViFLxUR7hVIN6.jpeg)

Please do provide your feedback for any kind of improvements, i will try to fix it.!!

**Gurbaksh Singh**