Feedback about: Smartphone Mechanical Back Tap adapter


**Hi Milad,**

Have a look at this newer version,i have tried to make it customizable, so it can be snapped to any smartphone.

* The Two Yellow parts will be used to hold the smartphone using a Nut and Bolt of suitable size as per thickness of smartphone with/without case.
* The above combination then be attached to red base with another nut bolt mechanism, this movement needs to be very free and should not produce much resistance.
* and then instead of using any spring, we can use a simple rubber band between yellow and red parts for the auto-return mechanism.

![1|690×342](upload://mvdtCa1Jp4NIAtO9cFVAeAKUN5v.jpeg) ![2|690×395](upload://yDYIQy7Qvpgkylr3alfMDaHytJS.jpeg) ![3|396×500](upload://hcHEwubApW9kaIX7iqQJruSFLN2.jpeg) ![4|690×460](upload://kxYV0oBFRdHzbZcTPiDV46fbL35.jpeg) ![5|665×500](upload://iLE8kpijQrPKreW10zR48UNEt6V.jpeg)

And here is link to 360degree view of the same:

**.stl** file for the model : [BackTap_MMC.stl|attachment](upload://cvDPJueIrjpQptEhe75D245Zpxs.stl) (195.1 KB)

I am printing this one now and will see how this one works.

Let me know if you have any comments for any kind of improvements in design.

Thanks..!! :blush:

**Gurbaksh Singh**