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## How To Build Your Own Sip and Puff Mask **
Created by Atlanta GA Chapter Leader @kristenjeanwebber

### [Sip and Puff Mask Instructional PDF for Print out here](

### Parts to Purchase

[Pre-made mask]( fabric, NK95, N95 or surgical mask

[Grommet Tool Kit]( Grommet kit set includes a hole cutter, a matched mandrel, and 100 sets of grommets eyelets (each set includes 1 eyelet and 1 washer), and a storage box; Eyelets size: 2/5” (10 mm) internal hole diameter.

[Silicone Grommets]( : Silicone Straw Hole Grommets with Attached Plugs; Fits a 10mm hole; Reduces a 10mm hole to an 8mm internal hole diameter.

### Tools Required:



Durable and flat surface

Eraser or similar

Handheld firm but yielding surface(an eraser or cardboard etc)