Feedback about: Toddler sized PVC walker (Winnipeg, MB)


We’ve reviewed this project and think it’s an appropriate design challenge – we were waiting to hear back on a meeting between @MMC_Suzanne and @leepicwin for more information.

thanks for offering to help @leepicwin with this – that’s exactly how these design challenges are intended to function. (We can help where we can, but we’re a small team, especially on the technical side.)

Here’s a few notes / comments:

1. The photo posted above is likely from a American-based Home Depot. The US stores carry a wider variety of PVC products, including the colored tubing and the 3-way elbows, which you are unlikely to find in Canada. You can get a sense for what is available here: The design can probably be adapted to use components that are commonly available in Canada. Spray paint or duct tape are an easy way to customize the color.

2. Ideally an occupational therapist (OT) is involved to ensure the height and grip are appropriate.

3. I really like the idea of something that is easy to assemble/disassembly, as that makes transportation easier as well.

Feel free to further flush out the requirements and post or link it here. Looking forward to seeing how this shapes up!