Feedback about: Valerie (AT Training Consultant/SLP) Makey Makey Project Submission


I replied in another thread about this, but we have a lot of resources on our blog for making your own switch. We did try to make a switch during our workshop but there was a ton of info that night!

Here is a guide that shows different ways a switch is open and closed with Makey Makey

Here is a guide for just making cardboard buttons- and the 3d printed object can be on top in a switch like this. (PLA is not conductive, so putting it on top of the play-doh won’t work. (Unless you did something like bring conductive tape from the object to the top for you to tap. AT that point- you wouldn’t really need the Play-doh anymore!)

sorry for the delayed responses! Last week was crazy for getting back to work and the kids virtual schooling- and all the news!