Feedback about: Very Low Cost USB Switch interface


Following up on the thread… My little switch interface seems to be working well so far and I’ll be working on integrating the pcb breadboard to make things more tidy next. The QTpy has a USB C to USB wire and it would be amazing if it could connect to an iPad. Ablenet sells the Hook ( which is a interface with a lightning connection.

I tried adding the Lightning to USB camera dongle to the cable with the hopes that it would recognize the interface with no luck. I’m also using the Apple dongle since I know sometime 3rd party accessories are not welcomed.

I have been successful with connecting a commercial mouse and keyboard using a dongle although not reliably. Any idea what is happening inside that interface that successfully talks to iOS devices?

It would be great if there was a non-commercial way to connect switches to iOS. Many of our kids and AAC users are on iPads.