Feedback about: Very Low Cost USB Switch interface


This is the one I’m trying:

It appears on my system as a “DragonRise Inc. PC TWIN SHOCK Gamepad” / “Microntek USB Joystick” with USB ID 0079:0006

here’s the (sorry) product link: [Jiu Man Zero Delay USB Encoder To PC Games Controllers For Arcade Joystick Sanwa DIY Kits Parts Mame Games ( 5Pin + 2.8mm Cables )]( It’s $12 :canada:, including a wiring harness and USB cable.

No case; but we have 3d printers. No 3½ mm sockets, but I raided [A1 Electronic Parts]( yesterday on my day off and loaded up on their 69¢ components. Will this end up useful? Dunno until I try.