Feedback about: Virtual maps for the blind and visually impaired


Hey @mcantino! My name is Tyler and I am one of the engineering interns at MMC. I first want to thank you for the excellent resource of information you shared in this post. I think there is lots of potential to bring this information to several future projects in MMC but in particular a [braille calculator]( device that was developed by @zhangcu2. I am working on some documentation for the braille calculator device so it can be posted on our website but I had some problems sourcing braille stickers or a opportunity for DIY braille. I think 3D printed tiles that could be glued to the calculator would be a fantastic option. @mcantino would you have some time in the future for a chat about this and some questions I have around Braille? if so please feel free to reach out to me here or at [email protected]