Feedback about: Virtual maps for the blind and visually impaired


@stephengduke Hi Stephen, more information from the director of the resource center, himself is vision repaired, and he is sharing his own experience: “The best blindness-related maps I experience are those which have raised attributes and a paired touch pad as Stephen recites. That is what we would have shown in the ATC here. The Iveo tablet has great promise which we are still working to fully deliver upon.

We have a talking globe here also that Dr. Hwang made accessible with clear glue as a boundary marker. It was purchased from Amazon as a smart globe and his work made it viable for blind students.

Touch screen devices like iPhone and iPad have great promise also. I have had several such apps but didn’t find any of them to be game changers. I like the possibility there with a larger iPad screen but there is still no substitute to embossed maps with a touch pad to add voice to the maps.”