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    ## 84 Keyguard for LAMP words for Life

    Project Idea:
    Keyguard designed for LAMP words for life AAC application
    This helps people access their AAC device with greater ease!


    Hi Molly!

    I am working with Grand Canyon University to complete keyguard designs for LAMP and Touchat on IPads. I will let you know when they have competed a design to see if it will work for you. Their design will be for a laser cutter with a case. I know Volksswitch.com has designs for 3D printed ones.


    I’ll be interested to see how GCU comes up with a “complete” set of keyguard designs for LAMP and TouchChat on iPads… The wild card in the process is the iPad case. Add the case into the calculation and the number of keyguard possibilities grows exponentially.

    if you’re interested in a 3D printed keyguard, let me know.



    I agree with you on the case factor. It was their idea to incorporate a case so I am excited to see what they come up with.

    Molly, I just created a key guard for a 4 location GoTalk Now app on an iPad using the Volksswitxh method on a Thingiverse and it works great! A student broke it on the first day and we were able to reprint it by the next day and it has been working well. I have created LAMP 84 Keyguards in the past using his method with great results.


    I have designs for the [Kay type] handled case, but your request needs to include the type of case involved as a proper fit is necessary

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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