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    ## A face mask that’s easier to put on and take off

    Project Idea:
    Looking for solutions for a face mask that someone who has limited fine motor & range of motion can more easily put on and take off.


    Hi Jen!
    Can you be more specific with regards to the limited fine motor & range of motion is the individual able to bring one hand (or two) to their face? If not, how much elbow flexion do they have?
    Thank you,


    This is a pretty interesting challenge, especially as mask usage becomes more common and required in some places.

    Is the idea more around an aid for putting on and taking off existing mask designs? Or a specialized mask itself?


    Here is a picture of a *rough* prototype/idea I made – To make it easier to put on a regular mask with reduced range of motion. The concept is a frame that you attach the mask to and push on the rocker base so the mask is raised to your face and hooked around your ears. This design was inspired by the fact that regular masks are everywhere these days, so being able to put one on independently can be important. ![DonnMask-ReducedROM|480×500](upload://lWLvT8MooxiII6TfAasVSSmY3dC.png)

    For designing an alternative mask, I would love to know more specific details.

    I am also looking to connect with other makers who might be able to suggest how to improve my design and creative skills, especially using TinkerCAD, but other platforms as well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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